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What Are Cookies

Cookies are small files, generally of letters and numbers, downloaded onto a device when users access the websites. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or for the website to work more efficiently. Cookies are created when a user's browser loads a particular website. The website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user goes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website's server. Cookies have several functions, including, among others, collecting information of and remembering users’ preferences, using shopping cart, and generally facilitating users’ use of the website.


We use cookies to perform certain functions, namely:

  • facilitate your navigation on our website and the use of its features so as to providing you with a seamless experience;

  • improve our website;

  • provide you with more personalised features when surfing our website.

  • deliver targeted advertising;

  • collecting information about how you use our website in order to provide you with a better experience by measuring which areas of our website are of greatest interest to you or to remember you when you return to visit us.


These cookies are listed below:


Type 1: strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are required in order for users to surf on our website and use its features, which include, inter alia, access to secure area without having to repeatedly log in and remembering your actions in each page during one session.

PLEASE NOTE: Without these cookies, we can guarantee neither the performance of our website nor the on-line security during your sessions.

Type 2: performance cookies

We use performance cookies, primarily Google Analytics cookies, to collect information about how users use our website. We collect information such as the part of the webpage clicked, number of webpages visited, length of time of each session, and error messages (if any) with the purpose of improving our website and providing users with a better experience. For more information on Google Analytics, please click here.

If you would like more information about the privacy policy of the Google Analytics’ service, please click here

It is important to note that we have configured Google Analytics’ in such a way so as to avoid your identification by masking the IP address of any user browsing our website.


Type 3: functionality cookies

Functionality cookies allow us to remember the choices which users make on our website, e.g., user name, language and their preferences. With this information, we can provide more personalised features to our users when surfing our website.


We use cookies to verify your account and determine when you’re logged in so we can make it easier for you to access the Must Be Organic Services and show you the appropriate experience and features. For example: We use cookies to keep you logged in as you navigate between Must Be Organic pages. Cookies also help us remember your browser so you do not have to keep logging into Must Be Organic.


Type 4: targeted and third-party advertising cookies

When you browse on our website, some of these cookies may be placed onto your computer and used by third parties with permission for advertising purposes. It occurs when the website you visit includes content displayed from a third party website or click the “share” button on our website, and your computer receives cookies from the third party.

These third parties include social media providers such as Facebook and YouTube, which provide services to both our users and us. These cookies enable the third parties to collect and store information such as user preferences and pages visited for advertising purposes or improvement of services.

Please note that we have no control over these cookies from third parties and we shall therefore not be liable in this respect. Please refer to these third party websites for their respective cookie policies.



Please, note that our website also makes use of the Google AdWords service for remarketing purposes but, as already said above, we have no control over these cookies and we shall therefore not be liable in this respect. If you want to prevent such kind of cookies, please disable them at this link:



How To Prevent Cookies

If you want to disable one or more cookies used by our website, we suggest you to express your choice through the third parties’ consent forms you can find at the web addresses we are providing you with by means of this Cookie Policy.

In addition, please be informed that you may prevent cookies by changing your browser settings. If you consent to our use of cookies but later wish to opt out, you may delete the cookies which have been set and change your browser settings to block any further cookies. For more information about control of cookies, please visit:

which provide information on managing settings for major browser providers.


Turn off anonymous Google Analytics cookies: You can install Google Analytics browser “plug in” to prevent the website sending information about your visit to Google Analytics. For further information please visit:


PLEASE NOTE: As cookies are intended to enhance or enable the usability and processes of our website, preventing or deleting cookies may prevent our users from using the features on our website, or cause the website to perform differently in your browser from what it is designed to perform.



Web Push Notifications

In addition, our website offers the web push notification service, which allows you to receive alerts concerning our products and services, offers and promotions. Alerts will be provided through banners on your desktop and mobile desktop, on condition that you have granted your prior consent by clicking the relevant button on the pop-up appeared on your browser when you first accessed our website. In order not to receive the alerts, you can deny your consent by clicking the relevant button on the same pop-up.

Once you have made your choice, a cookie will be generated to store your preference. In any case, you can disable the service at any moment by following the instructions below. Disabling web push notifications: on every web push notification banner, a button will be available to access the settings of your browser and disable the service. Alternatively, you can at any time access your browser settings via the above links and disable the service. In addition, by accessing the following page you will find information and guidelines for users on how to disable / block / activate web-push notifications: 

We inform you that the data collected within the service will be processed by us and/or by companies duly designated in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, and will not be transferred to third parties or used for advertising purposes other than those relating to Must Be Organic products and services


Policy Governing Use; Changes to Cookie Policy:

This Cookie Policy shall be written in various languages. In the event of any inconsistency in this Cookie Policy between the English version and any other version, the English version shall prevail. The terms of this Cookie Policy will govern the use of cookies and any information collected while it is in place, excepted third parties’ cookies. To the extent permitted by applicable law in your jurisdiction, Must Be Organic reserves the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time and we therefore encourage you to check our website from time to time for updates. Changes to this Cookie Policy are effective at the time they are posted onto our website.



Your Rights

Must Be Organic informs that you can exercise, at any time and without any formalities the rights provided for by the applicable law, by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:




Latest update: June 2020