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Australian Beauty is for women embracing healthy lifestyles and with a deep desire to reconnect with nature and with themselves.

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Australian beauty is the union between highly performing plant active ingredients and advanced science-backed formulas, capable of improving their subcutaneous absorption through techniques such as cellular biomimicry .


An innovative technology which imitates the plant’s natural synthesis mechanisms, allowing the extraction of its phytocompounds without changing the plant's original molecular structure.


Skincare created through cellular biomimicry technology has a higher nutrient concentration rate and efficacy, with results visible after just a few applications.

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Also used by Aboriginal cultures, Australian native plants store high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins in order to survive the harsh climatic conditions of this continent.

They are rich in minerals, fruit acids, phytosterols and essential fatty acids that help moisturize, naturally protect and make the skin brighter.

Kakadu plum, for example, is the fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world (up to 100 times higher than that of an orange).


Kangaroo apple has anti-inflammatory properties while Desert lime helps to prevent pigmentation and premature signs of skin aging.


Super Foods stands for nutraceutical foods, a specific food-derived category, which besides their nutritional properties have the ability to positively influence one or more physiological functions, so as to preserve or improve the body health and wellbeing.

Amongst the best known are blueberry, avocado, acai berries, olive oil, chia seeds, grapes, broccoli, pomegranate and others, but each continent has its own Super Foods, depending on its climatic zone and soil characteristics.


In recent years, the use of these plants in cosmetics has grown tremendously following the discovery of their powerful antioxidant benefits as well as of their vitamin- and mineral-rich content, which contribute to a more radiant and healthier skin.