Silvia and Sylvie: two women, two continents, one big dream

Authenticity, resilience and optimism, reflected in the paths of Silvia Martinazzi, the founder of Must Be Organic, and Sylvie Hutchings, the creator of SCOUT Organic Active Beauty, MBO's flagship cosmetics line.

After a lot of research into Australian companies with which to collaborate on a distribution partnership, Silvia discovered Sylvie and SCOUT. She realised that this was a little treasure, something absolutely unique that would stand out in the crowded European cosmetics market.


Silvia and Sylvie share the same approach to natural beauty, with at heart a woman wanting to feel special yet in harmony with her body using green, effective and multi-sensory cosmetics.


Thanks to this common vision and twenty years' knowledge of the market, Must Be Organic is now growing in Italy despite the crisis in the retail sector. Great feedback from customers contributes to motivate Silvia and her team to overcome all the daily difficulties of a start-up during the COVID pandemic.